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Found It!!!

This is a very loved photograph – or copy of a copy of a photograph.  What makes this photo so special is that this is the only family portrait I know of of Gram’s family.  That is my Great-Grandmother Catherine, … Continue reading

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I have always said that there is such a thing as a parenting gene, and if you were lucky, both of your parents were born with it.  My son was lucky in that one of his parents was born with … Continue reading

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Gram’s Easter Bread

 As with every holiday, my traditions arise out of Gram’s holiday traditions.  As long as I can recall, the weekend before Easter was spent at Gram’s making Easter Bread – sometimes called Polish Bread.  We would make so many loaves … Continue reading

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A Tale of Two Greens

It was the best of patterns, it was the worst of patterns. We have alot of green in our home.  It is Chip’s favorite color and Vash’s favorite color so when in doubt, alot of times we go with green.  Our living … Continue reading

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Things may be quiet for a couple of days

As real life moves into the forefront. My Mom, when she first read my blog, thought it was great and that I should be a writer.  What made that statement funny is that I am a writer.  I write long … Continue reading

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While the camera batteries were charging . . .

lots of things were happening! Vash brought us an Easter card he made for us in school I tried to enlarge it so you can read it and see his drawing.  In case you don’t know which dog he drew, … Continue reading

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I HATE double pointed needles!

We have the ability to condense humongous amounts on information on a chip as big as my fingernail.  We have the ability to send aircraft into countries on the other side of the world with a pilot running it from … Continue reading

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Choosing Family

Mine is not the typical family – but I think it is a special one in that we have chosen to be a family. First there was me – the oldest of six/seven (including my sister through marriage) with a … Continue reading

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I was thinking that I would do Tarot on Tuesdays in this blog, and the tarot card/archetype which I am feeling should be pondered is the card which, to me, represents the quintessential self – that state of being that … Continue reading

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Bunny Fur just makes you happy – and other knitting news

There are certain things that just make you feel good.  One of those things is the wonderful tactile sensation of your hand passing over a bunny’s fur.  As a child I remember having a bunny pelt that someone gave me … Continue reading

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