I HATE double pointed needles!

We have the ability to condense humongous amounts on information on a chip as big as my fingernail.  We have the ability to send aircraft into countries on the other side of the world with a pilot running it from a control room in the US.  We can produce energy from sunlight and we can communicate with folks throughout the world through this amorphous thing called the internet.

So tell me why we still have not figured out a way to decrease from 22 stitches to 11 stitches in the top of a hat without using five double pointed sticks!!!

I mean really – we can’t do better than this?!!

This is obviously Mary’s chemo hat that I have been working on this week.  I was at the end – it should have been quick – right?

WRONG!!  I sit with my knitting in my lap and my feet up – probably not the most attractive position for knitting but effective in that I can usually manage to keep my yarn and my project in my lap and off the floor.  But when you are going from 22 stitches to 11 stitches divided between your double pointed needles, there just is not enough there for the needles to hold onto and the result is a symphony of needles sliding to the floor. 

So what happens is you get everything set up in your hands, lift your hand to wrap the yarn across the needle and whoosh – there goes a needle – just sliding out of the three stitches it held onto the floor.  You look down – see the needle – look back and your three stitches have long since withdrawn into your hat and you are trying desperately to hold them in place while you search for the crochet hook in the desk drawer to pull them back up when you hear – clitter clatter clink – another needle just went.


Now everything gets put on the desk and held down.  “Nothing move” you say while giving it a glare that would freeze your six year old in his tracks.  You reach down to the floor to pick up the needles and realize that one is missing – and the old beagle is fast-tracking it down the stairs.


Now you race the old beagle into the livingroom before she can chew up the needle.  She is fast, but you are determined and she drops the needle when she yelps as you grab her by the hindquarters right before she runs under the dining room table (which is in the parlor – don’t ask).  Success!!  It appears unchewed and you traipse back up the stairs with your needle.  Of course, while you were downstairs the hat magically lifted itself up and another needle has slid out and is lying on the floor. 

After a great deal of mumbling and some minor cursing, the needles are put back into the loops they are supposed to be holding.  You pick it up again to finish – and a needle slips out.


We need to do this differently.  By now you are exercising conscious breath control so that you do not break one of these damnable needles that have decided to imitate teflon today.  About this time I decide that the blog post I was going to do on yarn sales will have to wait for another day.  The title to today’s post becoming more emblazoned in my mind.   

After I got the needle back in the proper loops in the hat, I looked at the project and thought “So close and yet so far”.  I still had to get that last row done.  So I ended up knitting the hat standing up – hovering over it as I tried to keep it lying flat on the desk the entire time so nothing slid out – moving around the circle to get those last stitches knit on the the hat and thinking – there has to be a better way.

Now I know people will say use the Magic Loop or two circular needles but at this stage of the hat, everything gets tricky.  So folks – we need to redirect the brilliant minds of our day to figuring this out.  Because there just has to be an easier way to do this – there HAS to be. 

I hate double pointed needles.

About Shelly R.

I am a Mother, a daughter, a sister, a wife, an attorney, a crafter and the granddaughter of an amazing woman - my Polish Grandmother. My Grandmother gave me so much, through her love and her patience, her sayings and her time teaching me how to craft and to give to others, that it seemed fitting to share some of that wisdom, to tell some of her story, and to chat about life and crafts in a way that would be a testament to what she gave me.
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5 Responses to I HATE double pointed needles!

  1. danielle says:

    AHaha!! Why are you using teflon needles? I thought you were a tight knitter! Shouldn’t that be helpful in this case? The hat came out beautifully. Mary will LOVE it. Good job. Glad you didn’t give up on the last row. 🙂

  2. Barbara Antonelli says:

    Wow,what a nice hat! I’d ask for the pattern but ‘No Way’ after reading that!!!! Great yarn,I love the design it made, and angora too….what more could anyone ask for…
    Love. Mom

    • The pattern is a free pattern in Ravelry – it is the Odessa hat by Grumperina and is easy to do once you get used to the pattern. You have to make it longer than the pattern. She suggests decreasing after you have knit five and a half inches from the cast on – I did not start decreasing until I was at 7 inches and it is still a form-fitting hat. It is not the hat or the pattern of which I complain – it is the stupid needles who thought they were trying out for the Olympic luge runs when flying to the floor.

  3. Becky Eighmie says:

    I will reiterate… that is a LOVELY hat! It also sound so fun to finish! My children would just bat the needles under the radiators and I would never find them. Luckily I can only crotchet. =)

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