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Who wouldn’t fall . .

for him. I married my husband on Memorial Day weekend in 2005. I met him at the Renaissance Faire in 2001. He was awfully cute.  Had that whole Jesus look thing going for him – and as I have written, … Continue reading

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Moving Up Day

Our boys participate in the local Cub Scout program.  Chip was a scout growing up and is involved with all three of their dens.  This year Vash was the only Tiger Scout so he and Chip did the whole thing … Continue reading

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Girls Like Sparkley Things

Vash is our resident philosopher and he came up with this one when he was three years old and visiting Jesse’s pre-school.  Growing up in a house full of boys, this gave him his first opportunity to really view the … Continue reading

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Why we are so excited about knitting this Mystery Shawl

It doesn’t make alot of sense to spend hours of time and 400 yards of yarn to make something when you have no idea what it will look like when it is finished.  Especially when it is something that you … Continue reading

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A walk through the Garden on a late May day

As I drove past my house on my way back from Court today I was happily greeted by a fully bloomed white Iris which we had planted last year in memory of my stepfather, Jimmy, who passed away on May … Continue reading

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That is today’s knitting word. I don’t know about you, but most of what I knit is not for me.  Right now one of my project baskets has a vest I am working on for myself, but that is mainly so … Continue reading

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Nobody’s Promised Tomorrow

That’s a Gram-ism – one of those sayings that she would often say that I remember because she would often say it.  It is one of those phrases that stays with you and colors – hopefully – how you go … Continue reading

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A Mary Angel

To help comfort a sad 6 year old’s heart when he goes to church and his Mary – whose lap he sat on through every service – is not there.  Thank you LucyBug Patterns ( ) for the pattern … Continue reading

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Trust in the Grand Plan

I have always loved watching the creation of something out of nothing.  It fascinates me on so many levels. The most obvious manifestation of this is the creation of life – out of seemingly tiny cells is created the body … Continue reading

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Mary passed away last night

The world was a better place because of you.  My boys were happier children because of you.  Our lives were fuller because of you.  You were part of our family. Know that we will take care of your boys and … Continue reading

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