Monday Morning Project Report – Pink Bunny Mitts Done!

I had two goals this week – chart and knit the middle block of Vash’s illusion scarf and knit the second fingerless mitt to complete a Xmas present.  Good news – met the goals.  And thanks to the long van ride back and forth to the Renaissance Faire on Saturday, I also finished the 4 inches of ribbing on the bottom of the front of my Prudence vest.

First was the illusion scarf.  The pattern has a charted “I” in the center block of the scarf, with two robots blocks above and below it.  That made no sense to me for Vash and, as this particular illusion scarf uses fairly basic blocky shapes, I knew I could change the center chart to V’s (for Vash) easily.

As we know, the beauty of an illusion scarf is that the picture is not obvious to anyone  looking directly at the scarf.

The picture is formed by creating hills and valleys through the use of knit stitches (which lay flat) and purl stitches (which form bumps) so that when viewed from the side, your eye catches the picture rising from the scarf.

So I merely recharted the center block to have two white V’s which meet at the center – almost a diamond but with a line of green dividing them.

It was a fairly easy adjustment in the pattern, but it was the first time I charted an illusion so easy was good.  If I had more rows I would have made the dividing line thicker, but I did not want to start adding rows to the block – though on hindsight I don’t think it would have made much difference.  Be bolder Shel, be bold!!

Anyway, here is what we have with 3 of the 5 blocks completed.

Go Robots!!

The pink bunny mitts are just a variation of the blue bunny mitts I made using the Cafe Au Lait fingerless mitt pattern by Paula McKeever.  The name is a nod to the yarn – Louisa Harding’s Kimono Angora – which is soooo incredibly soft and warm.  This varigated yarn had shades of baby pink, mauvier pink, purple and charcoal grey running through it.

I changed the pattern slightly for these mitts as they are intended for my niece who has very petite hands.  The pattern is written using a six stitch pattern repeat 7 times in each round.  (It is knit using double pointed needles – yeah – I’m a glutton for punishment).  I reduced it to six pattern repeats to make it narrower.  I can still get it over my hand (which is small for an adult) but it is much snugger than the blue bunny mitts I made with the 7 repeats.  Jesse modeled the mitts for me this week.


That is too cute – with his adult teeth and tiny baby teeth all mixed up in that big grin of his.  But I digress.

I had all of this done by Friday – pretty cool!  I had even started the first sleeve of the Polkadot jacket but that project was not going to travel well when we decided to go to the Renaissance Faire on Saturday.  (I have to keep measuring the sleeve to determine when I need to add increases to the rounds).  The ride is about an hour and 45 minutes each way so I need something that I can bring in the car and hold on my lap during the trip.  Poor Chip gets stuck driving every trip so I can knit.  He’s a great husband.

I had skipped my Prudence vest in my list of to dos because, well, its for me and that can wait until after Xmas.  But I felt bad that I was skipping it.  It did not deserve to be neglected completely.  So I took it with me on this trip, agreeing with myself that I would just do the four inches of ribbing on the bottom of the vest and then put it back in its basket.  I was able to knit most of it in the car ride and then finished it yesterday.  Not much to show but here it is.

This week I am going to get at least one of the sleeves to the polkadot jacket done for my thinking project and then knit the front (or begin to knit the front – this takes longer because it is big) of Chris’s baseball pullover for my non-thinking project.  The pullover will not be done for next week’s post.

School starts this week –

and I am thrilled.  I need to get back to my regular work routine and get the boys into their school routine while Chip gets the football, soccer and boy scout routines figured out.  Chip and I are hoping for one more trip to the Renaissance Faire, but this time alone, and Chip will probably have to go down again at the end of the season to determine whether we are really going to pursue having a booth there next season.  I want a chance to go see the shows and my friends and it is just tough when the three boys are with us as that is just not as much fun for them.

For all my crafty friends, have a productive week and let me know what you are working on too.

About Shelly R.

I am a Mother, a daughter, a sister, a wife, an attorney, a crafter and the granddaughter of an amazing woman - my Polish Grandmother. My Grandmother gave me so much, through her love and her patience, her sayings and her time teaching me how to craft and to give to others, that it seemed fitting to share some of that wisdom, to tell some of her story, and to chat about life and crafts in a way that would be a testament to what she gave me.
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3 Responses to Monday Morning Project Report – Pink Bunny Mitts Done!

  1. danielle says:

    I SO love the Robot scarf…it’s coming out so perfect. Even if the V’s look more like a diamond, the diamond looks way better than the I. Your neice will love those mitts.

    I finished the Kai Mei socks and took pictures yesterday….now I just need to upload and blog about them! And I started a hat today for my friend Evan….he’s been waiting for a hat for quite awhile and just shaved his whole head…so he needs that hat before it starts getting too cold for his naked head! It’s one of the 7 Christmas projects.

    • Shelly R. says:

      Oh cool. Are you doing the 2X2 ribbed for his pleasure or the Arris hat? I saw you queued the 2X2 hat so I thought that was your choice. I love the Arris hat though. I can’t wait to see the socks. The pattern is so pretty – but I think the yarn is even prettier. Oh – Jimmy Beans Wools has had 3 Dream in Color Smooshy up in the last 8 hours or so – you might want to watch it today if you get a chance. Good colors too. I have enough yarn, I have enough yarn, I have enough yarn . . . and I agree – I like the diamond more than theI.

      • danielle says:

        I’m doing the Ribbed for his Pleasure hat….the Arris is very pretty but this is going to be a hat Evan wears pretty much everyday, so it needs to be less flashy and more plain.

        And I try not to tempt myself with yarn as I have enough to last me quite awhile (thanks to my beloved sister) and I should keep working through my stash and be good. 🙂

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