Hawk Studio – Gaining Momentum

Slowly, here and there, Chip has been eeking out some time during his day to re-energize Hawk Studio.  Time has been spent learning about the internet sites for crafters, like Etsy and E-Bay, and about how to process payments through credit cards and PayPal.  He’s looked at various commercial leather sewing machines and methods to allow him to produce the same quality of work in less time (and with less damage to his shoulders).  He’s looked at the possibilities of retail spaces both in our village and in nearby villages and he has been giving alot of serious consideration to returning to our Renaissance Faire in Tuxedo.  He’s also been working on more designs and building up his inventory of raw materials.

So, let me tell you where we are.

The Etsy store is in the works.  We have one last kink to work out with our bank (seems they are not familiar with how our county processes DBAs) and pictures to load and it will be up and running.  Chip is going to keep that store simple – mainly bags and pouches – and we will see if that is a viable selling site for us.

Chris and Chip are working on a new overall website for Hawk which is just waiting on a conversation with Yahoo about retaining Chip’s e-mail address.

Chip will have the use of a free display/retail space from the day after Thanksgiving through Christmas in a sweet little building two blocks from the house thanks to our local community organizer.  He will be able to set up a bench and do demonstrations of his leatherwork like he did in our shop (and at the Renaissance Faire).

We have not decided what we are doing about the Renaissance Faire yet.  We have to get to November first.

I do have a pretty piece to show you today.  It is a new field bag that he just finished.

It has a double mystery braid shoulder strap . . .

and solid brass hardware.  He did a striated dying method on the leather – which is still a favorite of mine.

The front flap has cross-stitch detailing.  This picture really shows how all of the stitching is hand done.

This bag also has an interior divider which is stitched into the back seam of the bag.

This bag is approximately 10″ x 12″ and retails at $205.00.

Its a pretty pretty piece.  Hope you like it.

About Shelly R.

I am a Mother, a daughter, a sister, a wife, an attorney, a crafter and the granddaughter of an amazing woman - my Polish Grandmother. My Grandmother gave me so much, through her love and her patience, her sayings and her time teaching me how to craft and to give to others, that it seemed fitting to share some of that wisdom, to tell some of her story, and to chat about life and crafts in a way that would be a testament to what she gave me.
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2 Responses to Hawk Studio – Gaining Momentum

  1. Barbara Antonelli says:

    Chip,it’s absolutely beautiful! I love the striping,I think it’s your most beautiful piece yet..Love it when you have free time! Hugs, Mom

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