Monday Project Report – Finally finished with Halloween and other stuff

Lets start with the other stuff.

I bought what I hope is my last stash purchase of yarn this week.  I say this because I have SOOOOOOO much yarn right now and I am focusing on learning how to spin my own now – but I had to buy this.

Its Madelinetosh tosh merino light in Tart (the red) and Ink.  Loved the colors and of course, I love Madelinetosh.  I had asked Lorraine to make sure she ordered more Tart in her next order for me (I had given mine to my sister) and the order came in this week so I had to get some – and the Ink was just that deep denimy blue I love so that came home too.  But that’s it!  No more yarn buying.  I need to learn to spin it myself.

I also sewed the frog closure onto my niece’s Polkadot Jacket and it helped.  At least it stays on now.  Here is Vash – who is the same size as Kathryn – modeling the finished jacket.

I am also almost finished with Cindy’s scarf too.  It would have been completely finished but I can’t find my T-pins to block the fool thing – so that will have to wait until I either find my T-pins or I get to the fabric store and buy more.  Sigh.  Here are some shots of the unblocked scarf to give you an idea of how it came out.

The name of the pattern is Sinead and it is another free pattern from Berroco.  I have to say that I was again disappointed by their pattern.  There were 4 errors in the pattern which I would not have caught but for the fine folks on Ravelry who had already tried to make this pattern and posted that there were errors.  In order to complete the scarf I had to chart out the entire written pattern to discover the errors in rows 55 and 59 of a 62 row pattern.  Sigh.  I really think that I will have to think long and hard before I use another one of their patterns.  I went with this one because I loved the cable pattern, but to put in so much work to fix their errors with every project is just not worth it.

The yarn was Cascade’s Eco Duo which I just love.  Cindy asked for a scarf for Christmas in Eco Duo.  She did not care which color.  I chose the grey/beige blend as I thought it would be more versatile.  Eco Duo has a striping effect when knit so there are gentle stripes throught the scarf.

I was not thrilled with Berroco’s directions to add a sideways ribbing along the sides of the scarf so I just added a stockinette edging.  Not surprisingly, it rolled – which is why I have to block it.  With hindsight, I should have done a 2 x 2 ribbing on the ends and a garter stitch along the sides while knitting this to avoid the need for blocking.  But once it is blocked, I think it will look great.

So onto Halloween.

I finished the mitts for the Storm Costume and sewed the velcro on where we had tried to use the sticky stuff.  I had to throw out the needle afterwards because the adhesive got all over it and made it useless after this.  No pictures of those changes to the Storm costume because it doesn’t really look any different than before.

So that left Markus . . . . and Harry Potter.

Harry’s costume is actually pretty easy as Markus chose the regular school uniform and not the quidditch uniform this year.  Harry wears black shoes, grey pants, a white shirt, a grey sweater, a tie in Gryffindor colors and a house cloak.  All I needed to make was the house cloak.

I started with this as a base pattern.

We basically worked with the blue cloak pattern as it was closest to the house cloak – having a hood and sleeves.  The pattern is one size and then I suppose you are to cut it down to the size you need, though that is not stated anywhere in the pattern.  Adjusting the pattern was the hard part as it was basically sized for X-Large and Markus is not an adult X-Large.  It also is yoked – and I wanted a solid front piece as the pictures of the house cloak are not yoked.  There was alot of pinning and adjusting to do so that the hood and sleeves still fit onto the shorter, narrower body – and that was all before I cut.  I also added a lining for the hood.

I made this cloak out of black and maroon felt – reciting my inner mantra “Its just a costume – its just a costume . . . .”.  I have a tendency to put too much time and money and energy into our costuming (see the Storm costume) and I tried to reign myself in a little on this.  I did, after all, have to special order the tie, the Gryffindor patch, the glasses and the lightning bolt tattoos.  It photographs a little shinier and slicker than it appears in reality.  After learning how to spin I think a photography class might be in order.  Sigh.

On the plus side, because it was felt, no seams were needed on the bottom or the sleeves – just cut.

You may notice that I am not showing you the entire costume.  That is because Markus hurt his knee sometime during football practice on Thursday night.  As is his way, he did not really make a big deal of it so we thought it was just growing pains again.  By Saturday morning, his knee was really swollen so Chip brought him to the doctor’s – who sent him right to the hospital for X-rays and a script to get an MRI today!!  When he woke up on Sunday the swelling was down to his toes!!!  So he spent the day on the chaise in his PJs with his leg elevated and iced.  He could not really walk or stand so his modeling time was limited to a quick “stand on one foot for a minute so I can get these pictures of the cloak” thing.  I will post the full costume with the Halloween pictures.

We tried to cut down a wig to give him brown hair, but it just was not going to happen using a nylon cheapo wig and I am NOT dying his hair – so we may have to go with a blonde Harry Potter unless I can come up with another idea.  (Yarn?)

So that is my project report for this week.  I’m back to working on sweaters after this but who knows – maybe something will get done for next week.  Have a great day.


About Shelly R.

I am a Mother, a daughter, a sister, a wife, an attorney, a crafter and the granddaughter of an amazing woman - my Polish Grandmother. My Grandmother gave me so much, through her love and her patience, her sayings and her time teaching me how to craft and to give to others, that it seemed fitting to share some of that wisdom, to tell some of her story, and to chat about life and crafts in a way that would be a testament to what she gave me.
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6 Responses to Monday Project Report – Finally finished with Halloween and other stuff

  1. danielle says:

    Omygosh, you must be the busiest person I have ever known. How you get so much accomplished with 3 young boys in the house is beyond me. I think the blue ribbon sweater is adorable, and any little girl would LOVE it. The scarf is realy beautiful and that’s a great cable design, even if it was written poorly. You’re right though, too bad you didn’t think to add an edging so it wouldn’t curl. Marcus’ cloak looks great! I do wish you could get his hair darker somehow. The wig really didn’t work?

  2. Shelly R. says:

    The wig had way too much “hair” in the front half and when we cut it down to bangs and the shorter sides it just stuck out into mid-air – and because it was nylon that had sat in a plastic bag for who knows how long, it had big bumpy ridges in the back – like a hair chair in the back of his head. The back hair was so thin that when we cut it down you could see the netting underneath. And Harry’s haircut goes over his ears – which were covered with netting from the wig. All bad. We trashed the whole thing. Though I saw that they make Harry Potter wigs, we could only find Hermione wigs (which did not look anything like Hermione’s hair) when we searched. And as I keep saying – it is only a costume . . ..

    I am busy – but remember I have not posted any finished projects in a couple of weeks – so this is really just two projects over two weeks plus the frog on the jacket. Not so much. Tonight is tinking Chris’s pullover so I can cut in for the sleeves. I am a little concerned because I am seeing that alot of folks have had problems with fitting these sleeves into the sweater. Why do they not test knit more before publishing a book. He had one person do one test knit and then published. Then has to hear the complaints when there are errors in the pattern on his ravelry group.

    Did you show Vicki your spinning yesterday?

  3. pentalia says:

    Wow, you have been busy! You and Markus could consider slicking-back his hair and adding a Voldemort scar to his forehead. With the hood up and the glasses, most of his hair would be covered then. You could even pull down a few wisps of wet/moussed hair in front… somehow the stuff you put on for slicking-back makes hair look a bit darker. The lady who used to give my family natural haircuts recommended lime juice instead of hairspray.

  4. Shelly R. says:

    Sounds good to me. We have lightning bolt “tattoos” for his forehead. I like the idea of the lime juice too. I will play with this during the week and let you know what we get. I just have to wait until after his MRI (today) because right now he can’t get in the shower to wash any of it out and even getting in and out of the bathtub will be hard (he’s at the age that he won’t let anyone help him with that). I am soooo grateful that the Harry Potter costume was alot less construction than the other two.

  5. Barbara Antonelli says:

    That sure was a loong blog,,,,The blue sweater looks real good now, and ohhh, that Vash’s face,I don’t know how he didn’t smile

    The scarf is nice,but too intricate for me to make. Don’t I have that same skein of Eco-Duo that you gave me? Did Jesse get his hair cut?

    The cape came out nice, too nice for Halloween. Will he be able to leave it open without it coming off of him while trick or treating?

    Good blog….Good night

  6. Shelly R. says:

    Yes, this is the Eco Duo I gave you – and I gave you two skeins – and he doesn’t need to keep the cape open while trick or treating because it has sleeves. Glad you liked the blog. 🙂

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