Spinning – Show and Tell

During the last days of December, all focus shifts from manufacturing to production in this house – which means that spinning yarn to make things takes a back seat to just making things as the deadlines for production are getting closer and closer each day.

So while I did spend Saturday learning flick-carding and spinning mohair, I just did not have time last night to devote to setting it all up and getting pictures of it to show you.  I had to prepare for a trial today (though the petitioner decided to withdraw the case after we arrived – YAAAAAAAAY!!) and get to work on Kaitlyn’s Christmas present.  But never fear – there are lots of fun things to show you in today’s spinning post.

Like this.

That’s a pound of Cormo Cross roving that I bought at the Yuletide Fair this month.  It was just too wonderful to pass at only $25.00 for the full pound of roving and with it being undyed white.  Hopefully this will spin into some nice yarn which will be dyed this summer when we get our natural dye solar oven set up.  It is from a local farm owned by a woman I have known for years – I just did not know she owned a farm and sheep until I saw her at the Fair.  Maybe I need to know her better ;).

With the dying in mind, I have been sticking to buying white undyed roving – or top – to spin lately.  Here are my “twins” that I purchased from Claudia at Countrywool.  They are from New Zealand – which is not local – but they are the merino wool that I really want to focus on spinning and is “top” – which is merino roving after it has been combed to remove the shorter fibers – leaving the long, luxurious and easier to spin fibers of the wool.

Are you getting tingles looking at it?  I did.  They are each one pound of top.

Finally, here are some of the mohair locks I am flick carding.

Claudia tells me that they will usually dye the fleece prior to turning it into roving – though it is clear that some of the varigated rovings I found at Rhinebeck had to have been dyed after the roving was formed – so I will have to look more into that.

That is all on the roving fleece end of today’s show and tell – but wait – there’s more.

Vicki sent me a bulky flyer and jumbo bobbins for Linda Lou that arrived yesterday.

I need these so I can ply the threads I have been spinning into yarn.  This will have to wait until after Christmas for me to be able to actually think about what I am doing.  There’s no thinking in the last two weeks before Christmas – just continual motion.

And then there is my latest present from my beloved husband.

Can I just say he was really excited when he came home with this Sunday.  Seems that a customer and he were chatting and somehow the fact that I spin came up in the conversation.  Well, she had purchased a spinning wheel about 15 years ago and never learned how to spin on it and had no desire to do so now, did he want the wheel to give to me?  He closed up the shop and followed her to her house to get it.

When he got home on Sunday I was in the middle of major dinner production and instead of going out to see what he wanted to show me, I handed him the recipe for the Maple-Pecan Fried Slaw and told him to get to work!  (See my post of two days ago).  When we were almost done cooking the meal he told me to close my eyes and then brought this into the kitchen and put it on my work table.

I opened my eyes and my jaw just dropped.

I just kept staring at it, saying over and over again “It’s a Louet”.  He just laughed at me.  I wasn’t moving – just staring.  Then I asked him how he got it and he told me the story.  I am still kind of in shock!!  This is a $400+ spinning wheel and Louet is one of those great spinning wheel companies.  Oh My Gosh!!  I own a Louet!!  A Louet S15 to be exact.


If you look, it is alot different than Linda Lou (my Ashford Traditional).  First, it has the center wheel which is made from beech plywood, and it has a yarn winder attachment on the top.

The flyer and the bobbins are HUGE!! – bigger than my new jumbo Ashford bobbins.

There are only 3 bobbins – the other two sit at the bottom next to the foot pedal – and from what I have been able to find out, it appears that this wheel is best used for making medium to bulky weight yarns.

Can I just say that this treadle is sooooooo much easier to control the wheel than the one on Linda Lou.  The placement of the bar allows you to control the movement both with the front of your foot and with your heal.  LOVE the treadling aspect of this wheel already.

Where I will have a learning curve is in how to spin yarn as this uses what I think is called an irish tension system rather than a scotch tension system.  This means that the wheel turns the bobbin and the brake is on the flyer – which is the reverse of what I have on Linda Lou.  Louet sent me their manual so I will spend some time with that to make sure I set it up right – after Christmas.

In the meantime – I think I will call it Schuyler.

Have a happy – and productive – day!

About Shelly R.

I am a Mother, a daughter, a sister, a wife, an attorney, a crafter and the granddaughter of an amazing woman - my Polish Grandmother. My Grandmother gave me so much, through her love and her patience, her sayings and her time teaching me how to craft and to give to others, that it seemed fitting to share some of that wisdom, to tell some of her story, and to chat about life and crafts in a way that would be a testament to what she gave me.
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2 Responses to Spinning – Show and Tell

  1. Vicki White says:

    Oh my, aren’t you lucky. That was quite a find. It is amazing how wheels tend to follow you home. This is how it all starts.


  2. Shelly R. says:

    Vicki, do you have a Louet? I am not really sure if I have everything on this or if there are parts missing. Chip is soooo excited about Schuyler – he wants to learn how to spin next. My vet gave us two big garbage bags of Corriedale cross fleece and Chip is so excited about all of it. Jesse wants to card it and Markus wants to spin too. Hmmm, maybe another wheel needs to find its way here if I am going to have Chip and Markus spinning too. Oh my.

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