Monday Project Report – Imagine Two Sleeves

and a front and a back and you get:

Peace Dude.

Next each part has to be blocked to size before I can start sewing the pieces together.

That process started today.

Kinda psychedelic, wouldn’t you say?

For anyone counting, this used up another skein of yarn, which means I am still on track to knit one skein a week.  I am thinking that I may start working on the second sleeve of Chip’s sweater for my weekly skein and then, if I can finish it early enough in the week, go back to working on this sweater.   Either way, there will be something to show you next Monday.  I’m on a roll.  😉

About Shelly R.

I am a Mother, a daughter, a sister, a wife, an attorney, a crafter and the granddaughter of an amazing woman - my Polish Grandmother. My Grandmother gave me so much, through her love and her patience, her sayings and her time teaching me how to craft and to give to others, that it seemed fitting to share some of that wisdom, to tell some of her story, and to chat about life and crafts in a way that would be a testament to what she gave me.
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8 Responses to Monday Project Report – Imagine Two Sleeves

  1. danielle says:

    Go Shelly go! 🙂

  2. Shel says:

    Hee hee. Thank you sis for all your support. I got the ribbing done for the bottom of the sleeve tonight and then Chip helped me wind my first weld skein on the niddy noddy. It works but your arms get tired. 424 yards of merino wool, fingering weight. Now I need to tag it!

  3. danielle says:

    If you think your arms hurt after winding 424 yards of yarn onto the niddy noddy, you can just imagine how bad mine hurt last night after winding 880 yards of lace weight onto mine! (They still hurt this morning….although that may be from the drop spindle…..)

    • Shel says:

      Oh my gosh – Chip would have considered divorcing me before that happened. He had to sit next to me and pull apart the yarn as I wound it because it had felted some in the rinsing process. I used up his shoulder and he couldn’t stitch after it. Luckily Castle had come on so we watched it and relaxed.

      • danielle says:

        Ahaha! I had to ask Mike to rub my back when I was done. The purple laceweight looks lovely, but once it dried it came out a little lighter than I had first thought. I will take pictures of it today if the sun comes out, and post it on Etsy. I also used the gift card to Knit Picks that Rebecca got me for Christmas to buy some undyed roving. It’s not anything luxurious, just the same stuff they use to make my yarn with, but I got 5 rovings for $30…enough to practice dying on. I’m excited to try that.

  4. Shel says:

    I have been reading that it is much easier to felt roving during the dyeing/rinsing process than yarn – that yarn is much more forgiving. One of the girls at spinning last weekend was talking about how her hand dyed merino roving was alot harder to spin than her undyed merino roving and we were discussing that it could be because it might have felted some in the dyeing process which made it harder to draft. I know in my natural dye groups it is a subject of discussion too.

    • danielle says:

      I will keep that in mind. I was going to dye it and steam it, neither of which will be messing with it much. Then I’ll just have to be super careful about the rinsing. I like having it dyed first because then you get the different color plies and it looks so cool spun together.

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