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Food on Fridays – Guacamole and Mexican Manicotti (Enchiladas)

We are all big fans of mexican food in my house, but we don’t really make it alot.  My family just did not make or eat mexican food when I was growing up so the skills are not familiar to me.  … Continue reading

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Scouring In Bulk

When someone says the word “scour” I think of pulling out a scrubby and some cleanser (like Comet or Ajax) and going after that grungy kitchen sink.  The word “scour” involves elbow grease of a serious nature. Not so in … Continue reading

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Monday Project Report – Blocking

This is shaping up to be a week of process blogs as nothing is getting completed in time to post about it. For example, today I had hoped to show you Chris’s sweater completed – but it is still blocking (I … Continue reading

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Food on Friday – Black Bean Chili

One of the more exciting dye projects that I am working on uses black beans, and while the compost pile is a fine final recycle use for the beans, I thought that I might want to find some recipes that … Continue reading

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Hawk Studio – Rough Edge Briefcase

Chip is on a roll. He has really been working on getting some new inventory produced before the summer shows and one of the things he is realizing is that there is a much bigger market for his briefcases than he … Continue reading

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Natural Dyeing – Marigold

My favorite natural dye so far is made using marigolds.  I love yellow – with sunflower yellow being probably my favorite form of yellow (though a pale light lemony yellow makes me really happy too).  So, imagine my delight when … Continue reading

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Spinning – Tension, Whorls and Sampling

Last weekend I had a spinning class to learn about my wheel – and learned alot about how to produce samples to determine how a certain wool might like to be spun.  (Whether I can actually accommodate the wool is … Continue reading

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