Hawk Studio – Belt Pouches

Chip has been working on a new design for lighter weight belt pouches that we thought we would show you.

First I will show you a belt pouch which reflects the standard belt pouch that he has sold in the past – and is obviously still part of his inventory.

This pouch has a dyed antler button with a round braid closure using a low VOC water dye in bison brown.  Here’s the back.

The side view really shows the difference in these pouches.  With the traditional belt pouch, the sides are gusseted.  You can also see that it uses a fairly thick piece of leather.

This belt pouch weighs 9.8 ounces and retails at $55.00.

The new lighter weight version does not have gusseted sides, with the inner volume being set through wet- molding the leather.  The lighter leather allows for greater depth using the wet-mold process.  You can also see from the side that the leather on these pouches is not as thick as the one above.

The belt loops in both designs are the same. . .

and can be worn with up to a 2″ belt comfortably.

One noticeable difference between the lighter weight pouches and the traditional is that Chip uses a cross-stitch seaming in the lighter weight pouches.


Chip made two pouches in this lighter weight, and all of these pouches are dyed using low VOC waterbased leather dyes.  The lighter pouch (in color) is dyed in a canyon tan dye and also employs the round braid closure . . .

with a deer antler button.

This bag weighs only 4.9 ounces and retails at $50.00

The darker light weight belt pouch is dyed with a mahogany dye and while it also has the round braid closure . . .

it has a Lundegard Armories cast pewter celtic knot button (which makes it soooooooo cool).

This bag weighs in at 5.2 ounces and retails at $60.00.

If they are not already, these pouches will be up on Chip’s Etsy website for sale.  He also made a really nifty leather notebook for a client this week which left right after he finished it.  I will try to post a picture of it next week just to show you how cool it was.  He is also working on a brief case for next week’s blog post – so check back.

Tomorrow – Hungarian Butterhorns!


About Shelly R.

I am a Mother, a daughter, a sister, a wife, an attorney, a crafter and the granddaughter of an amazing woman - my Polish Grandmother. My Grandmother gave me so much, through her love and her patience, her sayings and her time teaching me how to craft and to give to others, that it seemed fitting to share some of that wisdom, to tell some of her story, and to chat about life and crafts in a way that would be a testament to what she gave me.
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4 Responses to Hawk Studio – Belt Pouches

  1. danielle says:

    Ooohhh…great celtic knot button! Very nice pouches Chip!

  2. Barbara Antonelli says:

    Beautiful Chip! Did you ever think of making of making ‘fanny packs’, I think they’re calledreal soft crushable leather pouch that you can wear around your waist at Disney or craft fairs etc… I can’t find one anywhere. I’d love one and so might some other people…with a zipper inside for money. Just a thought….Love you son, xo

  3. Wanda says:

    I would love to find out more about ordering one of these. What are the sizes and what is the Etsy site?
    Thanks So much,

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