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Hawk Studio – I’m On My Own Today

Chip is running really busy today so he did not have time to stop and help me put together a Hawk Studio blog post – so today I am winging it. First – here is Chip’s find of the week.  … Continue reading

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Natural Dyeing – Organic Wool Show and Tell

Okay, another busy work week has me behind on my craft work, so most of my yarn production has been involved in re-skeining the yarns I have already dyed to prepare them for the next show at the end of … Continue reading

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Food on Friday – Red Velvet Cupcakes with Cream Cheese Frosting

Christopher’s favorite cake is Red Velvet Cake so of course the plan for his graduation was to make him one.  Unfortunately Chris was fighting off a rough cough/cold thing last week so he asked me to hold off on the … Continue reading

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Natural Dyeing – Madder

Madder has a long history of use as a red dye – a color which I have yet to attain.  The color is contained in the root, which is usually ground to release the dye.  I have considered planting madder … Continue reading

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Christopher’s Graduation – I had the BEST time!!

I know that Mondays are usually for my project report, but yesterday was one of those spectacular days for a Mom that trumps everything else.  My son graduated from college with honors with a degree in Public Policy!! We had … Continue reading

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Food on Friday – Chocolate Sponge Cake – Happy Birthday Chip

Chip’s birthday is in May and this year the boys and I decided to make his birthday cake for him rather than run to the store and get one that would probably taste better and definitely look better.  But this … Continue reading

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Natural Dyeing – Fustic and some extras

Fustic is another tropical wood that we use the heartwood from to obtain color.  The process is pretty simple – you take your wood shavings and soak them overnight in water (I soaked them a few days in a big … Continue reading

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