Monday Morning Update – Too Small Toothless and Funky Wrapping

Today’s blog post is a quicky since I have to gather the family and get to Chip’s sister’s house for the family celebration today, but I wanted to post quickly because – well – for a change I have time on a Monday morning.  I think the light at the end of the tunnel is finally showing the end!!
First – I finished the main part of the Toothless Hat – put it on Vash’s head – and it was too small.

Toothless Hat

One size fits all in the pattern must refer to all three year olds because it was not going to work for my eight year old.  Realistically I thought the stitch count was too small but he is only 8 so I thought “maybe”, but alas – not to be.  I do like it though.  So it has been relegated to the “when I feel inspired” pile to await completion and then get placed in the gift box.  Next time I have to have a present for a little dude, I’m set.

So the next focus – after cooking and baking all Saturday (look for a return of Food on Friday this week for Mom’s Sauce and Meatballs) – was to wrap the presents.

One of the things I had originally intended to make for holiday gifts this year were “Escape Bags” which will eventually be a line of denim bags made from recycled blue jeans – right out of my hippie era.  😀  There wasn’t time to do them but the idea was still in my head.  So when I started to wrap the hats yesterday, I thought it would be fun to throw them in a little jean pouch.  I ran upstairs, grabbed three pairs of worn out blue jeans from the boys and a pair of scissor, cut them up and sewed them together.  (Disclaimer – This is NOT what a finished Escape bag would look like since I threw these together with no real pattern or thought and in about 10 minutes)  I thought that the kids could use them for play or storage and get a little extra present in the mix.   So here is what I came up with for the girls.

Kaitlyn gift wrap

Kathyrn's gift wrap

Kathryn's gift wrap with bow

For the boys I cut the jeans down the middle and down one leg each, pulled a leather tie through the waistband and made a pouch.

hat wrappings for the kids

I realize that they won’t think they are as cool as I think they are, but I get the biggest kick out of thinking of them sitting under the tree.  I still have alot of work to do before I get this concept worked out for the Escape bags, but I still really like these.  My boys are all asking for one for them now.  After the holidays, I told them.  When I can finally start to think again instead of just doing.

For everyone celebrating this week, I wish you many good times and fun days.

For those of us who made our joyful noise the night of the Solstice, I wish you deep thoughts and rejuvenation during this time of contemplation and planning.

And I wish you all much happiness with the growing of the light into our world.

About Shelly R.

I am a Mother, a daughter, a sister, a wife, an attorney, a crafter and the granddaughter of an amazing woman - my Polish Grandmother. My Grandmother gave me so much, through her love and her patience, her sayings and her time teaching me how to craft and to give to others, that it seemed fitting to share some of that wisdom, to tell some of her story, and to chat about life and crafts in a way that would be a testament to what she gave me.
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3 Responses to Monday Morning Update – Too Small Toothless and Funky Wrapping

  1. amanda says:

    Wow… love the jeans-bags!!!

    Thank you for your lovely holiday wishes, and I hope you and yours have a wonderful season, too!

  2. Shelly R. says:

    Oh I am so glad you like them. With 3 constantly growing boys I have huge storage containers of worn out jeans – I have lots of ideas for them – just the time to execute them is elusive. Maybe walls to a Halloween Maze? 😀 (I’m still hopeful)

    My sister called me as soon as she saw the post and laid claim to the too small Toothless Hat for my nephew. Guess I’ll be knitting those ears and horns sooner rather than later.

    I hope that the weather stays good for you. I saw that parts of Texas may be getting this latest storm. Stay safe and enjoy your holidays.

  3. Grackle & Sun has nominated you for the Illuminating Blogger Award! If you dig blog awards, you can click the link below to find out all about it. If you don’t dig blog awards, that’s ok, too. Just know that G & S thinks your blog is awesome.

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