Monday Project Report – Socks, Socks and More Socks!

One of my dreams is to one day have a sock drawer full of handmade socks.  I was reading Glenna C.’s blog one day and she wrote about how cool it was to open her sock drawer and see all handmade socks.  That just sounded so cool that I decided I wanted that too.

That, of course, meant that I had to learn how to knit socks.

Which also meant that I had to learn how to make socks for Chip since if I was going to goof up on socks, I didn’t want it to be on mine.  (grin).

I have previously blogged about my first pair of socks, that I made for Chip.  What I may not have mentioned is that not too long ago we discovered that our puppy Tucker decided to express his undying devotion for Chip by eating everything that really smelled of him – which of course meant he had to eat every wool sock Chip owned – INCLUDING the pair I knit him.  Sigh.

Which is what spurred me to make Chip his second (and now only) pair of handknit socks using the Thuja pattern.  They turned out pretty good.

Chip's Thuja Socks

The thing I like about this pattern is one, it uses dk weight yarn rather than fingering weight so it knits up faster, and two, it uses a size 6 needle so it is finished even faster!  I made these socks in about 10 days – which is like speed racing in my world of sock knitting.  That part made me happy!!

top view of Chip's Thuja sock

Problems – the pattern states you should use worsted weight yarn but the gauge is a dk weight gauge so I went with a dk weight yarn – Regia’s Design Line Kaffe Fassett 6 ply which is also a washable sock yarn – and it worked out well.  I also did not like the slip stitch the pattern calls for in the heel turn because it resulted in noticeable holes that I later had to weave yarn into to fill.

heel of Thuja sock

However, as a quick knit sock, this one will do the trick and you can use varigated yarns too because there is no pattern you are going to hide.  Easy.

Toe of Thuja sock

So then onto MY first pair of hand-knit socks.  I showed you previously the beginning of my Moody Stockings which were designed by Erica Lueder – who is currently my favorite sock designer.  Here is what they looked like completed – well – what one looked like completed.  I made two, however Markus was doing the sock modeling that day and he just wasn’t feeling it, you know?  So he only modeled one sock. 😀

The Moody Stocking

The other one looks just like it.

side view moody stocking

I like how the heel turned out.

moody stocking heel

It was also my first time using a kitchener grafting stitch.

moody stocking toe kitchener stitch

It came out okay, but I am not sure I like how the kitchener stitch forms two points on the sides of your toes.  I will have to give this more thought.  Knitting these socks was made even more wonderful by the fact that I was knitting using Sanguine Gryphon’s Little Traveller yarn in the Rojas colorway.  Absolutely wonderful yarn in a stunning deep red.  They are just great yarn dyers.

THEN we get to the socks I am working on now.

First, the Ravelry Sock Knitters Anonymous group sucked me in on another mystery sock KAL (the Moody sock was their November mystery sock) so I have started the Sock Strap sock, designed by General Hogbuffer which is their mystery sock for March.  I am using my Noro yarn (to use it up – I HATE the lack of quality of the Noro base yarns which no quality of dyeing can cover up) so I am only knitting one sock at a time in the hope I will be able to later find a repeat of the colors used in the first sock for the second.  I think my chances of making matching socks is little to none. 😛

Mystery socks are divided into four parts with each part provided weekly.  The first clue had me knit the center back panel of the sock through the heel turn.

clue one of sock strap sock

The second clue is the “strap”.  I had to pick up stitches all along both sides of the sock and around the base.

picking up stitches along the side

Then from these stitches I had to knit out from the back panel to make the strap.

sides of back panel added - clue 2

I am not loving this sock at all at this point.  First, though the designer recommended that we use a Noro yarn with gradual color changes, it did not work with the way we are directed to pick up stitches along one side using a long strand you save at the beginning of the sock.  By the time you are at the point that you are now working out the sides of the strap, the colors have changed drastically from what they were at the beginning – which is obvious from the one line of red that stands out like a sore thumb on one side of the panel that you will be able to see when worn.  Sigh.

Noro skein next to sock

Second, at this point this design feature is not looking all that attractive.  If you look at the outside of the Noro skein I bought, you can understand why I was not expecting to be knitting a teal and aqua sock.  And I would not have put that aqua against the purple/denim blue.  Sigh.

Third, the designer is not really clear on how to determine which size that is offered (of which there are 5 – from XS to XL) would be the correct size to knit for your size foot.  I am making the size small, figuring that if it doesn’t fit me, Jesse will LOVE this crazy color combination.  At least it should fit someone in this house.

But even this sock, knit on size 2 needles, is not my craziest sock endeavor yet.  My craziest sock project is the one I am starting this week.


Knit on size 1 needles with fingering weight yarn!!

the beginning of my Counterpane knee socks

At least the yarn is Madelinetosh (collective sigh) in the “Ink” colorway and I am using the Dreamz circular needle in a 40″ length – magic loop method.  I love the Dreamz needles.  Beautiful wood, long narrow tips and not sticky when knitting with them.

But I still think it will be awhile before I am posting a project report telling you they are done.

Oh, and I did cast on a second Uhlan hat – this time for Vash using the Lorna’s Laces “Robot Overlord” yarn.  We couldn’t resist the name for Vash.  Here is just a quick look at how the colors are knitting up.

swatch of Robot Overlord

He’s quite happy about it.  😀

So that is all on what is happening with socks in our house.  I will leave you with a picture of the boys hanging out on their fort in the dog run during some of our March snow.  Hope your March is feeling more like spring than winter.

the boys in the fort in the dog run

Onward and Upward.

About Shelly R.

I am a Mother, a daughter, a sister, a wife, an attorney, a crafter and the granddaughter of an amazing woman - my Polish Grandmother. My Grandmother gave me so much, through her love and her patience, her sayings and her time teaching me how to craft and to give to others, that it seemed fitting to share some of that wisdom, to tell some of her story, and to chat about life and crafts in a way that would be a testament to what she gave me.
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9 Responses to Monday Project Report – Socks, Socks and More Socks!

  1. danielle says:

    I loved seeing all those socks! The red ones are really beautiful and I think I would have quit already on the mystery sock….that’s just nuts. And good luck on the knee socks, my crazy sister. I like Chip’s pair too, but I still prefer the way socks look when knitted on smaller yarn.

  2. Barbara Antonelli says:

    I love that picture of the boys! Talk about ‘hanging out! That picture of Jesse says it all!

  3. amanda says:

    I am soooooo impressed! This winter I have re-knitted the feet (due to holes worn from wear) of one pair, and knitted up a new pair. I love my hand-knitted socks, and as my store-boughts fall apart, I’m trying to replace them with hand-knits.

    Kitchener: a love-hate relationship. I hate doing it, but the finished socks are nice. Yeah, I don’t like the points, either, but between negative ease and washing, they seem to disappear.

    Your boys look like pro knitwear models!

  4. Sue says:

    The red socks were fabulous! I laughed that Markus “wasn’t feeling it” that day!

  5. Malou says:

    I wish I had your talent for knitting. My mom-in-law knits woolen socks and I am always amazed by her creations. I gave it a try but immediately gave up. The kitchen is more my thing I guess. 😉

  6. Happy New Year to you and your family! 🙂

  7. Sesshaku says:

    I just discovered this blog, please don’t let it die :(.

  8. Sesshaku says:

    No problem, I see you just updated a couple of days. Im gonna read them as soon as I found some free time. Right now I have it, but I’m gonna try make that bread you posted some time ago.

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