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Monday Project Report (Running a Little Late) – Beagle Vampire Cape

As anyone who follows this blog knows, we have a long history with dog rescue. Though we stopped working in rescue about 5 years ago (though I am happy to say that the rescue we founded 11 years ago is … Continue reading

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Sparky took his last breath today. We took this picture of him yesterday with Vash.  His eyes look funny because the cancer that appeared out of nowhere a week or so ago had already taken over his liver functioning and … Continue reading

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Okay, this was just too cute not to tell you all about. At bedtime, Gandalf is my most adoring puppy.  It is like he has waited all day just to spend some time with me (though I know it is … Continue reading

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Monday Morning (Sunday Night?) Project Report – What a Grab Bag!

What a week!! – I am posting this early because realistically I don’t know when I will have an internet connection and when I won’t so I am going to try to get this up Sunday night while I have … Continue reading

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Home and Garden – Progress on the Barn

This past week Chip was able to finally fill in those holes in the walls of the barn. The top part is waiting for us to either find triangular vents or make them.  This part took a little longer because … Continue reading

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Beagles – Woo Hoo!!

When kids picture a puppy in their mind, they don’t picture a shepherd puppy or a bijon puppy – the image that comes to their mind is the face of a beagle puppy – the quintessential face of a dog … Continue reading

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As many of you may know, Chip and I helped found Homeward Bound Dog Rescue in 2004.  Obviously, we love dogs – and when we married we thought that our only babies would be of the furry variety.  This year … Continue reading

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How our dogs prepared us to raise kids.

Training kids and dogs is not that different. Chip and I have been involved in dog rescue since 2002.  We founded, with three of our friends, a dog rescue in 2004 which has placed approximately 4,000 dogs.  We have also … Continue reading

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