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Spinning – Pay No Attention To That Spinning Wheel In the Center Of The Room . . . .

I love to spin But life has been busy and spinning has felt like a luxury that I can’t yet afford.  Not in terms of money, but in terms of time.  But I love to spin. So I am slowly … Continue reading

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Spinning – Tension, Whorls and Sampling

Last weekend I had a spinning class to learn about my wheel – and learned alot about how to produce samples to determine how a certain wool might like to be spun.  (Whether I can actually accommodate the wool is … Continue reading

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Spinning – Cheating With Top

There are alot of things that you are thinking about when you are spinning. You are thinking about your hands as they are both drafting and feeding the fiber into the wheel.  You are thinking about how much twist you want … Continue reading

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Spinning – Plying – Getting A Little Better

I know – I have not really been posting much on spinning lately.  Between Christmas and the knitting projects and the immersion in natural dyeing, my wheel as not been getting the attention it deserves.  But the New Year also … Continue reading

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Spinning – Almost To Plying

Finally finished spinning the blue and brown Shetland/Alpaca roving. I am just grateful that the Saturday spinning get-togethers have restarted and I can get back into a routine of spinning.  This fiber was spun with too much twist.  Plying will take out a little of … Continue reading

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Spinning – Cleaning/Scouring My First Fleece

Today I tried something I have never done before – cleaning a Leicester fleece. I bought it at Rhinebeck this year from Autumn House Farm. It is a Morritt fleece – which refers to the brown and black coloring.  I learned … Continue reading

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Spinning – Show and Tell

During the last days of December, all focus shifts from manufacturing to production in this house – which means that spinning yarn to make things takes a back seat to just making things as the deadlines for production are getting … Continue reading

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