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Monday Project Report -Moving Along

Today’s report is more for me than anyone else since it is how I am holding myself accountable for getting work done on projects I have committed to completing..  You all are just helping me keep to task (Hah!). So … Continue reading

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Food on Friday – Granola!!

As part of our health year and my desire to reduce the amount of refined sugar that goes into my family’s diet, I decided we needed to do better with breakfast.  The boys’ school day starts early and mornings are … Continue reading

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Maxi-Minurism- Things Are Changing In The Kitchen

Last year alot of money went out as alot of our appliances, big (refrigerator) and small (iron) just decided they were not going to make it into 2016.  So we watched the sales, did our research and bought a new … Continue reading

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2016 – A Multi-Focus Year

Every year I set a focus – that area of life I want to focus on and try to achieve something that goes with that focus.  Some years I am successful – some years not so much. In past years … Continue reading

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Hawk Studio – Coming Home

For those who don’t know, I met my beloved husband at the New York Renaissance Faire.  (You can see my post of May 31, 2011 if you want any background – I wrote about him there).  He was a leather … Continue reading

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I Hear A Symphony . . . . . . .

Wow!! Has it ever been busy. But I have been gone too long and folks have been kind enough to keep visiting this blog and following this blog and commenting still and I feel that I need to find time … Continue reading

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Hawk Studio Flies Again

One of the things that happened during my non-blogging year was that Chip and I decided to make a commitment to reopening our store – Hawk Studio.  We live in this great little village that gives us so much support, … Continue reading

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Stillness – that moment of pure existence – where the senses are irrelevant and you are but a molecule in that great what is – that is the moment that eludes me during my days. I try to find time … Continue reading

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A Winter Walk With Tucker

Down the ravine. Through the snow. Playing in the creek. And back up the ravine. Happy Day for all involved.  😀

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Monday Project Report – Uhlan Hat

I know, I have not posted in a couple of weeks.  The good news is that usually means that I have work that actually pays me and I am busy supporting my family.  And I was busy for a couple … Continue reading

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