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Monday Project Report – Java Socks

Woo Hoo!!  I knit my first pair of socks!! They were knit on size 1 needles using Lang’s JaWoll Jacquard fingering weight yarn – which comes with its own matching reinforcing thread. Do you see how teeny tiny those needles … Continue reading

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Monday Morning (Sunday Night?) Project Report – What a Grab Bag!

What a week!! – I am posting this early because realistically I don’t know when I will have an internet connection and when I won’t so I am going to try to get this up Sunday night while I have … Continue reading

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Monday Project Report – Polkadot and Manos yarns

As I have said before, I am not a monogamous knitter.  I always have to have a number of projects going at a time to keep myself engaged in the process (unlike my sister who loves the process of knitting … Continue reading

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Another step down that long dark path to being a yarn junkie . . .sigh.

I love yarns – and the more I get into knitting and wool based crafts again, the more I find myself seeking out those really great yarns – made by folks that really value the craft of creating yarn.  One … Continue reading

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May is a very busy month

I have not posted much this month just because there has been alot going on.  May opened with Opening Day for Markus’s Little League team, which I posted about last week.  Then I had court appearances Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday of last … Continue reading

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Happy May Day

and Blessed Beltaine!!  Call it what you will, May 1st is a wonderful harbinger of the wonder of summer to come.  A great day to jump the fire and run off into the woods with the one you love – … Continue reading

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I have always said that there is such a thing as a parenting gene, and if you were lucky, both of your parents were born with it.  My son was lucky in that one of his parents was born with … Continue reading

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