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Monday Project Report – Socks, Socks and More Socks!

One of my dreams is to one day have a sock drawer full of handmade socks.  I was reading Glenna C.’s blog one day and she wrote about how cool it was to open her sock drawer and see all … Continue reading

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Monday Project Report – Chip’s Fingerless Gloves

The one thing Chip asked for before Xmas was a pair of fingerless gloves.  So we did some research, found a pattern that used a worsted weight yarn, picked out the yarn (Madelinetosh Vintage in Van Dyke Brown) and then … Continue reading

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Monday Project Report – The Robot Scarf Is Done and Some Cute Boys on Floats

Why is it that when I need to be doing the most I get the least done? I thought that I would finish Vash’s robot scarf on Saturday – but instead spent the day Christmas Caroling with the Cub Scouts … Continue reading

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Monday Morning (Sunday Night?) Project Report – What a Grab Bag!

What a week!! – I am posting this early because realistically I don’t know when I will have an internet connection and when I won’t so I am going to try to get this up Sunday night while I have … Continue reading

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Monday Yarn Report – A Learning Experience (Sigh).

Normally I divide my knitting into two categories – thinking and mindless.  Thinking projects are often times done at small intervals during my workday, with a row done after I complete work on a particular client or after drafting a … Continue reading

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Monday Project Report – Polkadot and Manos yarns

As I have said before, I am not a monogamous knitter.  I always have to have a number of projects going at a time to keep myself engaged in the process (unlike my sister who loves the process of knitting … Continue reading

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Another step down that long dark path to being a yarn junkie . . .sigh.

I love yarns – and the more I get into knitting and wool based crafts again, the more I find myself seeking out those really great yarns – made by folks that really value the craft of creating yarn.  One … Continue reading

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The Monday Morning Project and Yarn Update

Mondays always seems like a good day to look back and see what I accomplished the previous week with the knitting projects.  That is probably because I make a push over the weekend to accomplish something so on Monday there is … Continue reading

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