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Hawk Studio – December 2015

Hawk Studio was very busy in December and produced some really nice pieces.  I just wanted to post some of them because I am very proud of the work Chip does. Briefcases take alot of time and thought as each … Continue reading

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We’re ready!!

I was hoping to be able to post about our new refrigerator today but the delivery date was changed from yesterday to tomorrow so it is not here yet.  But the good news is that we are ready. Besides installing … Continue reading

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Maxi-Minurism- Things Are Changing In The Kitchen

Last year alot of money went out as alot of our appliances, big (refrigerator) and small (iron) just decided they were not going to make it into 2016.  So we watched the sales, did our research and bought a new … Continue reading

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Hawk Studio – Some Custom Work From Faire

One of the great things that comes from being at Faire is that Chip gets the chance to make alot of the things he really enjoys making which are not your standard fare.  Many of these creations are inspired by … Continue reading

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Hawk Studio – Coming Home

For those who don’t know, I met my beloved husband at the New York Renaissance Faire.  (You can see my post of May 31, 2011 if you want any background – I wrote about him there).  He was a leather … Continue reading

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Hawk Studio – Leather Braiding – The Mystery Braid

Ahhhhh – the question that always arises whenever someone sees a belt or a strap in which Chip has incorporated the mystery braid – “How did he do that?!!” Well, pay attention, because he is going to tell you how … Continue reading

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Hawk Studio Flies Again

One of the things that happened during my non-blogging year was that Chip and I decided to make a commitment to reopening our store – Hawk Studio.  We live in this great little village that gives us so much support, … Continue reading

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