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Hometown Halloween

We live in a little village in a rural county.  Alot of what I like about here is that the kids are growing up doing things that they might not experience in a bigger or more urban area. Halloween starts at school … Continue reading

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I’m Dreaming of a White Halloween?

Yeah – I know its blurry.  Chip was shivering when he took the shot. For once, Chip’s procrastination with getting the Halloween decorations up has paid off – as our bats and ghosts and other flying things just were not made … Continue reading

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Food on Friday – Chocolate Chip Cookies

When cooking with kids, there really is nothing they enjoy making more than cookies – and nothing they enjoy eating more than chocolate chip cookies. We still make the same chocolate chip cookie recipe I have made my entire life … Continue reading

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Monday Project Report – Finally finished with Halloween and other stuff

Lets start with the other stuff. I bought what I hope is my last stash purchase of yarn this week.  I say this because I have SOOOOOOO much yarn right now and I am focusing on learning how to spin … Continue reading

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Okay, this was just too cute not to tell you all about. At bedtime, Gandalf is my most adoring puppy.  It is like he has waited all day just to spend some time with me (though I know it is … Continue reading

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Food on Friday – Mom’s Cornbread Casserole

This recipe started showing up at Mom’s Thanksgiving dinners many years ago and it was just was too good to leave out in later years, so it made it into the family recipe book.  It is a quick recipe using alot … Continue reading

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Hawk Studio – Knife Case

One of the things Chip makes, as we have seen, are knife cases which can be worn on a belt.  (see my Hawk Studio post of September 8th).  The knife case shown on that post was attached to the belt by … Continue reading

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Home and Garden – A Remembrance

After my step-dad passed away, we planted a white iris in the front yard.  We bought it for him because the name of the Iris was Immortality. Irises usually bloom in June around here. This week, Immortality bloomed for its … Continue reading

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Project Report – Give me a week

Nothing to show this week – though Saturday’s Rhinebeck posts give a good yarn/roving list to at least cover what would be a yarn posting. Yesterday I finished the mitts for the Storm costume (they announced him at the last game … Continue reading

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