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A Lord Of The Rings Halloween

Today is another entry from the non-blogging year to catch up. As you may know, if you follow this blog, we spend a lot of time in making the boys’ costumes for Halloween. This past year was no exception.  With the release … Continue reading

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Monday Project Report – Pinewood Derby And A Sleeve

As anyone who has looked at this blog knows, the boys are all involved in Cub Scouts – as is Chip who assists in leading two of their Dens.  One of their annual events is the Pinewood Derby, where the boys … Continue reading

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Camp Chip

This past week was Camp Chip at our house.  Camp Chip is something we have talked about alot over the years as it is one of the reasons that we have looked to move.  Chip has always wanted to have … Continue reading

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Food on Fridays – Rustic Chicken, Creamy Citrus Punch and Tomato Crab Soup

First, lets start with last Friday’s recipe – Chicken Breasts with Tomato-Herb Pan Sauce.  Can I just say Wow.  Here is what happened on Tuesday as the family jumped in to make this meal for dinner. First I gathered the … Continue reading

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A Mary Angel

To help comfort a sad 6 year old’s heart when he goes to church and his Mary – whose lap he sat on through every service – is not there.  Thank you LucyBug Patterns ( ) for the pattern … Continue reading

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How our dogs prepared us to raise kids.

Training kids and dogs is not that different. Chip and I have been involved in dog rescue since 2002.  We founded, with three of our friends, a dog rescue in 2004 which has placed approximately 4,000 dogs.  We have also … Continue reading

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