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Planning Minurism – The Garden

For some people, January is about “white sales” and buying things for the home.  For me, January was always about garden planning and seed catalogs.  Looking for vegetables and flowers that started with the letter which would guide that year’s … Continue reading

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Natural Dyeing – 80% Merino, 10% Cashmere, 10% Nylon Show And Tell

This past weekend I went to a spinning class (Yay!!!) and continued to skein yarn but did not do anymore dyeing – so this week is another show and tell of what is done. One of my favorite bases is … Continue reading

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Natural Dyeing – Logwood-Weld Together

We saw what you can get with weld and we saw what you can get with logwood.  So what happens if you mix them together?  Hmmmm.  It was worth an experiment. Lets start with where the magic happens. I definitely … Continue reading

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Home and Garden – A Remembrance

After my step-dad passed away, we planted a white iris in the front yard.  We bought it for him because the name of the Iris was Immortality. Irises usually bloom in June around here. This week, Immortality bloomed for its … Continue reading

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Home and Garden – A little of this and a little of that.

Unfortunately when life gets busy, the home projects seem to take longer to complete.  Now that we are in October, they practically halt until Halloween is over since our free time goes to preparation for the holiday.  There have been … Continue reading

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Home and Garden – Treading Water

All I have to show you this week are some really yummy yellow cherry tomatoes.  The crop came in this week so the boys collected a container full and ran up to my office to show me.  Here is Jesse … Continue reading

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Wednesday Home and Garden Report – Nature, Robots and Automatons

While painting on the front porch, Vash announced that he likes three things.  Nature, Robots and Automatics.  “Automatics?” I asked.  He paused.  I said “Automatons?” He smiled and said “Yes.  Automatons”. So lets start with Nature. In the garden we … Continue reading

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