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Food on Fridays – Tomato Crab Soup and Grilled Chicken & Plaintains

“This is my favorite soup of all time.” Not something I expected to hear from Christopher after I had just given him a bowl of tomato soup – but that is really what he said.  Wow. This soup ended up tasting … Continue reading

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Hawk Studio – Belt Pouches

So, when I am watching mindless television so I can knit mindless stockinette stitch sweaters, Chip goes up into his loft and creates wonderfully useful things in leather.  This week he created two belt pouches – one using a striated … Continue reading

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Home and Garden – The weather is not cooperating this summer

This last week was not the most conducive to getting projects done on the house.  First we had temperatures close to 100 degrees through Saturday.  My lawn is now brown and crispy.  Sunday was in the 80s so Chip started … Continue reading

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Monday Project Report – Not all things go to plan

This week’s “thinking” project was the second block on Vashua’s illusion scarf.  Illusion scarfs are not difficult to make – you just knit every right-side row and then the wrong side row is a combination of knit and purl stitches to … Continue reading

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Food on Fridays – Rustic Chicken, Creamy Citrus Punch and Tomato Crab Soup

First, lets start with last Friday’s recipe – Chicken Breasts with Tomato-Herb Pan Sauce.  Can I just say Wow.  Here is what happened on Tuesday as the family jumped in to make this meal for dinner. First I gathered the … Continue reading

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Hawk Studio – Makes Me Quiver

Actually Hawk Studio made a child’s quiver is more accurate. The leather is 9/10 oz veg. tanned cowhide.  It has a belt attachment so that it can be worn across the back. It is dyed using a block dye technique which creates … Continue reading

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Home and Garden – Progress on the Barn

This past week Chip was able to finally fill in those holes in the walls of the barn. The top part is waiting for us to either find triangular vents or make them.  This part took a little longer because … Continue reading

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