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You Need To Go To “Amanda’s Happy Hearth” for her Fried Slaw

You will find the link in my blog roll to the right. On Amanda’s December 8, 2011 post, she provides you with links to her Holiday Food Recipes. We made her Maple-Pecan Fried Slaw tonight. OH MY GOD WONDERFUL!! It … Continue reading

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Celebrating Family on the Fourth

On the Fourth of July my second son, Michael, turned 28. This may seem odd, since my son Christopher turned 28 in March, and I don’t talk about Michael much – but still, he’s my son too. Michael and his … Continue reading

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Look at what my beloved friend Becky made!!

Look closer. Even closer. She crocheted these wonderful afghans – and another in pink and white. I love the coolness of the blue and white contrasted with the warmth of the creamier color white and deep green.  The blue and white … Continue reading

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That is today’s knitting word. I don’t know about you, but most of what I knit is not for me.  Right now one of my project baskets has a vest I am working on for myself, but that is mainly so … Continue reading

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Trust in the Grand Plan

I have always loved watching the creation of something out of nothing.  It fascinates me on so many levels. The most obvious manifestation of this is the creation of life – out of seemingly tiny cells is created the body … Continue reading

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May is a very busy month

I have not posted much this month just because there has been alot going on.  May opened with Opening Day for Markus’s Little League team, which I posted about last week.  Then I had court appearances Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday of last … Continue reading

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While the camera batteries were charging . . .

lots of things were happening! Vash brought us an Easter card he made for us in school I tried to enlarge it so you can read it and see his drawing.  In case you don’t know which dog he drew, … Continue reading

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