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Monday Project Report – The Prudence Vest

Okay, today’s post is a quicky for a couple of reasons. First, I finished this vest last year and don’t really remember alot about it at this point and second, my real job insisted on taking my time and attention today.  … Continue reading

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Food on Friday – Strawberry Almond Chocolate Chip Muffins

Markus has turned into our baker and has been very busy lately baking muffins – which in turn has had everyone in the house very busy eating muffins. So this week, armed with both his mixing bowls and my camera, we turned over … Continue reading

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Hawk Studio – Leather Braiding – The Mystery Braid

Ahhhhh – the question that always arises whenever someone sees a belt or a strap in which Chip has incorporated the mystery braid – “How did he do that?!!” Well, pay attention, because he is going to tell you how … Continue reading

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Days of Easter Past

Going through my pictures from the past year I found the pictures the boys took of their first foray into hand-painted easter eggs.  As we are rapidly heading into this year’s Easter egg projects, I wanted to post these now … Continue reading

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A Lord Of The Rings Halloween

Today is another entry from the non-blogging year to catch up. As you may know, if you follow this blog, we spend a lot of time in making the boys’ costumes for Halloween. This past year was no exception.  With the release … Continue reading

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Monday Project Report – Incognito

Every year our family gathers together on Christmas Eve at Chip sister’s house to celebrate the holiday.  It is really the only time during the year that we all get together because the rest of the family lives 2½ hours … Continue reading

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Food on Friday – Avocado-Mango Salsa

Scallops were on sale last week so Chip came home from shopping with both a pound of scallops and a pound of shrimp.  Next was to find a recipe that would use both.  Nothing in the cookbooks so I did my … Continue reading

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Hawk Studio Flies Again

One of the things that happened during my non-blogging year was that Chip and I decided to make a commitment to reopening our store – Hawk Studio.  We live in this great little village that gives us so much support, … Continue reading

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Stillness – that moment of pure existence – where the senses are irrelevant and you are but a molecule in that great what is – that is the moment that eludes me during my days. I try to find time … Continue reading

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A Winter Walk With Tucker

Down the ravine. Through the snow. Playing in the creek. And back up the ravine. Happy Day for all involved.  😀

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